We at M*I*S*T always looking for innovations, especially during COVID-19 time, which we want to highlight here and help the companies to be shared.

Most of the solutions had been designed in timly manner which not only support protection of the people in their fight reducing spreading COVID-19 but also consider to be environmentally friendly.


Novus Med launches a face visor which is reusable, out of recycling material and comes with a personal name tag area.

As M*I*SI*T believes human reaction are important, this face visor allows the user to show their expression – a friendly smile while adding a layer of protection.

If you place your inquiry via the button, you support the not only the fight agains spreading but also the fight against depression.

1€ per ordered face visor will be donated at the end of the year to eHealth Research e.V which dedicated their energy in researching AR/VR application to provide therapy tools against depression.

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