M*I*S*T consults and supports you actively in developing new businesses as well as IT based systems solutions in all of your ICT applications. From media and broadcasting to health and med-tech industries – or any other industry.

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You want to see through the M*I*S*T to move forward?

but you do not know how your business can navigate through it?

where to start?
how to get clarity?
how to be innovative?


We provide to deliver insight and create a strong partnership. We suggest to lead your way and add value to your business. At the same time, we want to work with fun for a mutual success. Because we truly love what we do and we are committed to do what we love.

Marco Kraft

Head of Sales Germany at Riedel Communications GmbH & Co.KG

“Rolf helped us in analyzing the medical market and their specific requirement to allow us to make a business decision. His expertise and excellent knowledge of technology and market where a great value for our process.”

Oct 28, 2020

Iain Hennessey

Clinical Director of Innovation at Alder Hey Children’s hospital

“It is so rare in medical innovation to find someone that really “gets it”, but Rolf was one of the exceptions”

Jan 19, 2020

Clare White

CEO at Alder Hey Children’s Charity

“His genuine desire to get the very best solution for the children at the hospital coupled with his ability to cut through red tape and get things done meant we were able to deliver some ground breaking solutions”

Nov 20, 2018

Jack Wang

Vice President at Sobey Digital Technology Co., Ltd. “His professional knowledge and experience regarding customers and the market made him a great consultant for the Sobey IBG management and lead our engineer team work” Jan 11, 2013

Naomi Climer

Vice President, Professional Solutions Europe

“very customer focussed and will deliver what he has promised. He is a good listener, is ready to come up with creative solutions”

Feb 16, 2013

Value proposition and services commitment

Based on many years’ experience and professional expertise we provide a broad range of highly competent services and capabilities to business and functional managers, business owners and individuals

solution life cycle
● adding a neutral view at your major business challenges and daily issues
● analyzing the current status of your processes
● defining solution options by workflow analyses
● guiding creation processes for developing solution business
● supporting from concept design and development planning up to market launch
innovation & support
● guiding you through the different possibilities of digitalization and market available systems
● brainstorming and developing options for effective and efficient digital solutions
● speeding up your learning curve and avoiding making mistakes which are only costly and time consuming
● helping you with the first steps on your new journey
● supporting to improve your current business by adding an outside view and finding enhancements
technology guidance
● acting as a technology translator
● offering expertise in process definition for proof of concepts
● helping to reduce the hurdle of accepting changes in the daily workflow
● focusing on user workflow and experience not only technical specs only
● virtual reality (VR) workflow guide
international experience
● understanding cultural differences
● supporting in both directions to overcome the different cultural behaviors
● consulting with real life experience of Japan and China

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How we work!


In this podcast I would like to talk with and about interesting people, innovations, services and technologies (in short M*I*S*T) and exchange ideas. Together with my guest I will discuss the challenges around M*I*S*T in business life to provide insights that may reveal one or the other mystery.

Although it will be a serious discussion, because experiences are to be shared, the focus will be on a relaxed and entertaining conversation.

Currently only in German